Mission Statement

Finding our identity in Christ and impacting the world

Chapel Core Values

We are a community of new creations. Every good thing that God wants for us happened at the cross as pure gift. Thousands of things may describe us, but only one thing defines us, the Fathers full approval accomplished for us through the sacrifice of His Son. It is Jesus who pursues, secures and maintains our position in the family of God.

Students yearn for God in prayer and hunger for God in Scripture. Students are comfortable praying out loud for each other in each other's presence. Student-led prayer gatherings are posted on Facebook as frequently as social gatherings. Answers to prayer are common and celebrated. Scripture is not only an object of study but a moment of God speaking. Students find it naturally easy to talk about what God is teaching them in Scripture and learn to use Scripture as a launching pad to prayer.

We want to build a culture of discipleship where students seek out a spiritual companion or companions because they know that they have something to offer (Gospel Identity) and they were designed to grow in Christ together.

We want our students to enjoy just hanging out together and create an atmosphere where it is easy to invite their friends into. Students often come to trust in Jesus by first observing Christians love and enjoy each other.

We want students to have a desire to reach out to those around them and help them get connected in Christian community. We recognize that feeling included in a community is a process that takes intentional effort. Trust happens in a safe place where people can ask honest questions and wrestle with the truth claims of Jesus.

Faith is tangible goodness. Community Service Sunday is a simple first step in learning servant-heartedness. We want to be known for moving furniture, hauling trash, weeding community gardens, caring for the Bolivar neighborhood, investing in local care agencies and finding ways to be a blessing on campus.

For more information about ULC or if you have questions, please contact Pastor Bill at: pb@lutheranchapel.org

A happy heart makes the face cheerful, but heartache crushes the spirit.
Proverbs 15:13

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